Below are a few commonly asked questions about our fundraiser.

What kind of coffee are you selling?

The coffee is a medium dark roast Arabica bean from Ethiopia. This unique blend is hand separated and individually bagged to ensure a consistent high-quality cup of coffee. This gourmet coffee is offered exclusively in the United States by Starfish Fundraising.

NOTE: The coffee is whole bean, so you will need to grind it before brewing.

What is a “Coffee Drop?”

We are bringing the beans to you! Your Ethiopian coffee will be delivered to Point Defiance Elementary for pick up. Keep an eye out for a specific date, coming soon!

What if I can’t wait for a coffee drop?

We love the enthusiasm! Visit the main Starfish Fundraising website to order your coffee for delivery.

How big are the bags of coffee?

Each bag is 12 ounces of whole bean, caffeinated coffee.

Can we use social media to promote the fundraiser?

Absolutely. Social media is an ideal way to generate fast sales and reach a large number of your friends and family. Please share a link to this website on any social media sites you use. And be sure to tell people to indicate the name of the student fundraiser on the order page.

PLEASE NOTE: All coffee orders for this fundraiser will be delivered to Point Defiance Elementary. Therefore if you are sharing the link across social media, you need to remind people that the coffee is not being shipped.